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Prioritize the projects that make a difference

Given the ever increasing fuel costs and decreasing energy prices, power plants are seeing their margins declining fast. Improving efficiency is one way to safeguard your margin. But which improvement projects have the highest potential savings? Laborelec’s coaching helps you prioritize your efforts and get everybody involved to achieve results quickly, as illustrated by the case of an Australian plant. 



How to repair potential cracks in T24 material?

Identifying appropriate techniques and parameterswelding-repair-cracks-in-T24-materials

T24 material has a high susceptibility to stress corrosion cracking. As it is used in the boiler evaporator sections of ultra-supercritical (USC) power plants, reliable repair techniques are needed. Laborelec and Fabricom conducted a research program to determine the most appropriate repair techniques and parameters. This resulted in a series of recommendations…



Witnessing generator factory acceptance test in China

For a new hydropower plant in Peru, Laborelec was asked to witness the factory acceptance tests (FAT) of the plant’s generator stator winding bars. At the manufacturer’s site in China, our experts witnessed a series of tests on a selection of bars. Verification of the bar’s dimensions (length, width, curve) and electrical performance (insulation resistance, tan delta, dielectric withstand tests) revealed that the bars meet the required technical specifications.


Taking an important step towards capturing SO3measuring the size of SO3 aerosols

For the first time, Laborelec and the University of Karlsruhe (Germany) succeeded in measuring the size of SO3 aerosols . Previously, university researchers were only able to measure the number of aerosols and had to rely on modeling tools to estimate their size. Being able to accurately dimension SO3 aerosols marks an important step towards capturing this highly corrosive gas.
The results are bundled in a joint paper that has been submitted to the Journal of Aerosol Science.


TRAINING: Fundamentals of welding technology

This training gives an insight in the complex world of welding. It is a guidebook for all those who are assigned to follow-up welding operations for new installations or for welding repair work, mainly in the power generation sector. The participants will be able to judge if certain welding work, newly build or repair work, requires more attention than others and if general best practices are respected.

Duration: 2 or 4 days

Language: Training in English, French or Dutch

View the welding technology training leaflet