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How to repair potential cracks in T24 material?


Research showed that post-weld heat treatment is indispensable to ensuring the quality of T24 repair welds in the evaporator section of a power plant.

Identifying appropriate techniques and parameters

T24 material has a high susceptibility to stress corrosion cracking. As it is used in the boiler evaporator sections of ultra-supercritical (USC) power plants, reliable repair techniques are needed. Laborelec and Fabricom conducted a research program to determine the most appropriate repair techniques and parameters. This resulted in a series of recommendations… Our experts evaluated a wide variety of welding techniques using various parameters, such as temperature, post-weld heat treatment, and filler material, among others. We investigated each technique’s effectiveness. Not only for local repairs of cracks, but also for large repairs when damaged sections are replaced and need to be welded in.

Determining the optimal welding parameters

Our comprehensive report of the investigations contains valuable repair information for power plant maintenance workers. It highlights which techniques are the most appropriate for local repair, and which are more appropriate for general repair.

Local repair is possible

One of the conclusions of the report, is that local repair is perfectly feasible, but with an increased risk of defects inside the weld. Our experts ensured that non-destructive testing (NDT) is capable of verifying the weld quality and identifying potential defects.

Always apply post-weld heat treatment

The report also lists the parameters that welders need to take into account when repairing cracks in the T24 material. For instance, we recommend always applying post-weld heat treatment, although T24 material was originally designed to be welded without such treatment. As a matter of fact, our research shows that post-weld heat treatment is indispensable to ensuring the quality of the repair.

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