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Prioritize those projects that make a difference

matrix with recurring efficiency gains and investment cost

Laborelec calculates the investment cost and recurring efficiency gain of each improvement project and visualizes them in a graph. This enables us to prioritize the projects that can really make a difference.

Given the ever increasing fuel costs and decreasing energy prices, power plants are seeing their margins declining fast. Improving efficiency is one way to safeguard your margin. But which improvement projects have the highest potential savings? Laborelec’s coaching helps you prioritize your efforts and get everybody involved to achieve results quickly, as illustrated by the case of an Australian plant.

Sharing expertise and experience

The Australian power plant already had some efficiency improvement plans in mind. Our experts complemented these ideas with potential improvements that were revealed during an onsite efficiency check. In addition, we brought the local plant in contact with system engineers from peer plants in Australia and Europe. This enabled them to share best practices and further complete the list of improvement opportunities.

Prioritizing efficiency improvements

From this extensive list, the projects with the highest savings potential were selected. In this way, we made sure that the plant’s efforts are allocated to the most promising projects. By calculating the investment costs, return on investment, and recurring efficiency gains, we were able to prioritize those projects that can really make a difference. In the case of the Australian plant, the most significant efficiency gains could be realized by tuning its operation back to its original design parameters.

Sensitizing staff, creating momentum for change

After setting the right priorities, the next challenge is getting them implemented. To ensure that the plants execute the selected actions, we involve plant management and technical staff throughout the project. In this way, we can sensitize them about the incurred energy losses and motivate them to do something about it. In addition, we ensure the project’s duration is kept to a minimum, so that we can act quickly on the customer’s motivation. This will make it easier to free up the required resources and implement the improvement projects. The Australian plant installed four efficiency improvement workgroups only six weeks after the project kick-off. Clearly, this is a quick and efficient way to saving millions of dollars.

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