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What are the limits to reducing power grid loss?

Multidisciplinary investigation uncovers issues for African grid operator

Can grid losses be limited to 6 percent for a local grid that experiences proportionally increasing loads? That was the challenge Laborelec accepted from the grid operator of a rapidly expanding African metropolis. The limitation of grid losses is necessary in order to extend the grid operator’s management contract until 2014.


IEC 61850 or IEC 60870-5-104?

Evaluating the two main communication protocols

Which is the best protocol for the monitoring and telecontrol of power grids: IEC 61850 or IEC 60870-5-104? Belgian distribution network operators Eandis, Ores, and Sibelga gave Laborelec the task of mapping out the pros and cons of both standards.



Laborelec at the 2013 CIRED Conference

From June 10 to 13, 2013, Laborelec will play a prominent role in the 22nd CIRED Conference in Stockholm (Sweden). CIRED is the leading forum for the international electricity distribution community and is dedicated to the design, construction, and operation of public distribution systems and large installations using electrical energy in industry, services, and transport. Laborelec has always been a major contributor to these conferences. For this year’s edition, Laborelec will have six experts presenting eleven papers in the fields of network components, power quality, planning of power distribution systems, and the electricity marketplace and impact of regulation.

For more information and a complete overview of all the papers that will be presented:

Witnessing transformer FATs for Dutch TSO

In 2013, Laborelec will witness the factory acceptance tests (FATs) of three new 380/110 kV power transformers and coils for TENNET, the transmission system operator (TSO) in the Netherlands. Thanks to our expertise in this domain and our manufacturer independence, we are able to evaluate and confirm whether the equipment meets TENNET’s technical requirements.

Environmentally-friendly LED lighting concept for Wuppertal

Laborelec designed an innovative lighting solution for a new walking/cycling path that connects the various city centres in the hilly Wuppertal region in Germany. The path partly runs through tunnels in which various bat species live. The challenge for Laborelec was to work out a lighting concept that ensures the safety of cyclists and pedestrians, as well as safeguards the bats’ habitat. Based on our vast experience with LED tests, we were able to use the LEDs’ sharp cut-off angle to position them in such a way that they only illuminate the bottom part of the tunnel and keep the top part dark. The effectiveness of the solution was confirmed through simulations and on-site tests. Currently, the concept is being implemented in Wuppertal. The entire project should be accomplished before Summer 2013.


Monitoring the condition of transformers through regular oil analyses

The purpose of the training is twofold:

  • Acquiring the knowledge needed to define and implement an adequate program of oil analyses to monitor the condition of transformers.
  • Understanding and interpreting oil analysis reports and implementing maintenance recommendations

The training starts with a half-day theoretical session addressing various aspects of transformer condition assessment.
In the afternoon, there is a visit to the Laborelec oil analysis laboratory. In addition, several specific case studies will be discussed in order to train the interpretation of results and the formulation of recommendations.

View the training leaflet with additional information about the content of the training

Training courses are given on request of the customer