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ISO50001 Audit - Quick energy savings ensure future competitiveness

An increasing number of organizations are in the process of implementing the ISO 50001 standard for energy management systems. A German company asked Laborelec to audit its energy efficiency according to the new standard’s requirements. As a result, it was able to quickly realize energy savings and will remain competitive in the future. ...READ MORE...


Innovative lighting conceptslighting testing laboratory Ageing led lamps

Tuning LEDs to meet demanding customer requirements

Limiting energy consumption, directing the light towards specific points of emphasis, increasing the intelligence of the lighting system … Municipalities and grid operators are becoming more and more demanding when it comes to lighting. The Laborelec LED lighting competence centre develops innovative lighting concepts that perfectly meet the customer’s specific requirements. The Wuppertal Nordbahntrasse is a case in point.....READ MORE ...


Generator breakdown caused by short circuit

Laborelec performed a root cause analysis of an insulation breakdown in the generator of a waste incineration plant. Visual inspection of and electrical tests on the 3 year old generator did not give a decisive answer about the root cause. We therefore asked the generator manufacturer (OEM) to disassemble the machine according to our instructions and provide us with pieces of the damaged generator windings. In the laboratory, we investigated two pieces through destructive tests. Our experts found that the breakdown had been caused by a short circuit between the winding turns. It is unclear what caused the short circuit, but we presume a structural failure. Our investigations provided the plant operator with solid arguments in its discussions with the OEM.


Monitoring transformers for third parties

Laborelec has contracts with several third parties to monitor the condition of their transformer fleets. For example, transformers at ArcelorMittal Gent are monitored by oil analyses typically once or twice a year. We also follow-up new or repaired units with increased frequency. In addition, we recently conducted an urgent analysis of a failing transformer at ArcelorMittal Gent, within 6 hours. We also monitor the transformer fleets of companies in the Harbor of Antwerp, such as Total, Exxon Mobil, and Lanxess Rubber. Our experts analyze transformer oils in order to determine the condition and ageing of the transformers. In this way, we can advise on the transformer’s remaining lifetime and recommend suitable corrective maintenance actions.



Obtain essential knowledge and competencies in order to work in an ATEX area.

Regarding ATEX knowledge, not everybody has the same needs. This is why different solutions were developed. Three different levels can be distinguished:

  • Level 0: for all workers in ATEX zones
  • Level 1: for all persons doing interventions on ATEX equipments, under supervision of someone of level 2,or for exploitation
  • Level 2: for all persons directly responsible for workers in ATEX zones (ex. Chief technical maintenance) staff and asset managers responsible for transformers.

The trainings are adapted to the specific needs of each installation.The main goal is, that when a work is done on an ATEX equipment, it remains ATEX.

View the training leaflet with additional information about the content of the training.