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Tuning LEDs to limit energy consumption

lighting testing laboratory Ageing led lamps

Limiting energy consumption, directing the light towards specific points of emphasis, increasing the intelligence of the lighting system … Municipalities and grid operators are becoming more and more demanding when it comes to lighting. The Laborelec LED lighting competence centre develops innovative lighting concepts that perfectly meet the customer’s specific requirements. The Wuppertal Nordbahntrasse is a case in point.

The Wuppertal city administration is transforming an old railway line into a walking/cycling path that connects the various city centres in this hilly region. The path partly runs through tunnels that have to be lit permanently, but without impacting the habitat of the various bat species that live inside these tunnels. Laborelec’s Lighting Competence Centre developed, tested, and implemented an innovative solution that addresses both of these requirements.

Lighting the floor while keeping the ceiling dark

One part of the challenge lay in the fact that the tunnels need to be as dark as possible to not disturb the bats, but they also need to be well-lit to ensure the safety of the people walking and cycling through them. This kind of problem is difficult to solve with conventional lighting systems.innovative led lighting analysis RD Nordbahn light conceptLaborelec decided to use LEDs, because of their very sharp cut-off angle, and positioned them in such a way that they only illuminate the bottom part of the tunnel and keep the top part dark. The effectiveness of the concept was confirmed through laboratory simulations and on-site tests.

Light colour reduces impact on bat species

In addition, we are optimizing the colour of the LED lights. Tests are being conducted inside a pilot tunnel to investigate the impact of white and red light on the bats’ behaviour. First results reveal that red lights have less impact on the bat species living inside the tunnels.

Reducing light energy consumption to the bare minimum

Another part of the challenge was to define the technical specifications for the public tendering documents to ensure top quality of the entire lighting solution. Among other things, this resulted in an extremely energy-friendly lighting solution. Based on our vast experience with different types and brands of LEDs, we were able to limit the energy consumption to 0.02 W/lux/m².
Currently, the concept is being implemented alongside the Nordbahntrasse. The entire project should be accomplished before autumn 2013.

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