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Quick energy savings ensure future competitiveness

iso 50001 energy managementAn increasing number of organizations are in the process of implementing the ISO 50001 standard for energy management systems. A German company asked Laborelec to audit its energy efficiency according to the new standard’s requirements. As a result, it was able to quickly realize energy savings and will remain competitive in the future.

The European ISO 50001 standard provides companies with a framework of requirements to develop a policy for more efficient energy use and continuous improvement in energy management. In Germany, the government is willing to reward companies that have ISO 50001 certification. From 2015 onwards, such companies will bring reductions in energy tax. As a result, several companies in Germany chose the ISO 50001 as their system to manage energy.

Providing quick wins

Laborelec has already helped a German company in that regard by auditing the efficiency of the energy consumption and production processes. This revealed a series of potential energy-saving measures that can be implemented quickly and at low cost. Some examples are regularly checking the compressed air system for leakages and lowering the pressure if possible.
In addition to quick wins, Laborelec also pointed out possible long-term energy-saving measures (typically ranging from six to seven years) that can be carried out in a second phase. For example producing electricity from the flue gas oven through Organic Ranking Cycle (ORC).

Helping implement energy-saving measures

The company also relied upon Laborelec for assistance during the implementation of the proposed energy-saving measures. Our experts covered the technical issues and prepared the documents needed for ISO 50001 certification. We also provided information and trainings on the subject, in cooperation with Wuppertaler Stadtwerke (WSW) and another German company ensured external support.

Increasing future competitiveness

Implementing the quick wins enabled the German company to immediately reduce their energy expenditure by a considerable amount. This makes the company more competitive now, as well as in the future, when energy costs will increasingly weigh on the total cost of ownership.

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