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How to meet emission standards, while saving costs?Tocopilla emission measurement standards power plant boiler

Adjust your control system to ensure optimal boiler performance

Is your plant facing new and stricter emission standards? Do not rely solely on new equipment to achieve compliance. Also have a look at your boiler control system and process parameters. By doing so, a Chilean power plant took a big step in meeting the country’s new emission standards and saving half a million US dollars.



New International Centre of Excellence in Chile

Focus on renewable energy and eco-efficiency

Laborelec has won an open call from the Chilean Economic Development Agency for the creation of an International Center of Excellence. As of January 2014, Laborelec will launch its new research initiatives in Chile, with a focus on the integration of renewable energy technologies and eco-efficiency.



Sense of urgency in Central America

Quick and smart response avoids long and risky repair

When a power plant faces an unplanned outage, the losses can run into the hundreds of thousands of dollars per day. That was the case for a critical power plant in Central America when one of its units had a damaged rotor. Thanks to Laborelec’s quick reaction and technical expertise, a long and risky repair process was avoided. Here’s an account of how this issue was addressed.
1 July 2013:

Unexpected cracks are found in the rotor blades and shrouds during a routine maintenance inspection. The original equipment manufacturer (OEM) is charged with investigating the issue.



Energy efficiency audit reveals millions of dollars in potential savings in Dubai

Laborelec has conducted a five-day onsite energy efficiency audit for a combined gas turbine and desalination unit in Dubai. The goal was to identify energy savings without adjusting the energy and steam production levels. Detailed modelling of the plant’s thermal energy flows revealed potential energy savings running into the millions of dollars per year. The Laborelec audit was conducted for Tractebel Engineering and Dubai Carbon.

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Assisting power plants worldwide in optimizing their lifetime assessment programs

Can power plants with more than 300,000 operating hours still operate safely?

Is it possible to extend the intervals between major steam turbine overhauls from six to nine years? Laborelec is able to answer these questions based on the actual condition of power plant equipment, the predicted evolution of the components, and our experience with similar plants. That is why we develop, coordinate, and execute detailed measurement campaigns to evaluate the state of ageing and remaining lifetime of critical power plant components. Currently, our experts are carrying out such projects all over the world, including Pakistan, Chile, and Thailand.

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Power plants rely on Laborelec tool to manage their water-steam cycle chemistry

The Laborelec Chemistry Expert System (LCES) is a reliable and user-friendly software tool that helps operators of any type of power plant control their water/steam cycle chemistry. The automated tool provides even non-specialists insight into their plant’s chemistry situation, as well as potential chemistry-related issues. The LCES is being implemented in two Belgian and three Italian power plants. From 2014 on, the plants will be able to evaluate and improve their chemistry using a KPI dashboard, based on monthly data from the LCES.

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