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Laborelec News

Dear partners and customers,

bart boesmansAfter six exciting years at Laborelec I will soon take up new responsibilities within GDF SUEZ. These past years, in a rapidly changing energy world, have given our teams at Laborelec many opportunities to achieve remarkable results in close collaboration with you, our customers and our research partners across the world. I have taken great joy in these achievements and I would like to thank you sincerely for your continuous trust in the value of innovation and the value of our expertise.

I am happy to announce that from November 1st, 2014 , Mr. Michael Marique will take over my role as Managing Director of Laborelec. With his solid and international background in industry, power generation and marketing & sales, the leadership of Michael Marique will ensure that Laborelec remains fully committed to creating value for its customers, to drive innovation and to keep a strong collaboration and open dialogue with its customers and partners.

Bart Boesmans

Creation of GDF SUEZ batteries laboratory at Laborelec

The GDF SUEZ Batteries Laboratory was created at Laborelec in June 2014. Objectives are to develop the capability to anticipate the evolutions of battery technologies in terms of cost and performances. Next to this, the lab enables GDF SUEZ to become the best at choosing, and using the appropriate battery technology for a given user case and gives the possibility to gain electrochemistry competences and experience on relevant batteries technologies. This will be achieved by developing academic sponsorships worldwide at leading universities and research institutes in this field, extending the testing facilities in Linkebeek and conducting field pilots via collaborative projects throughout the world.

Laborelec launched a GDF SUEZ 3D printing lab

3d printing power plant spare parts laboratoryLaborelec will open up a GDF SUEZ Fablab to manufacture high quality spare parts, faster and cheaper, for the entire GDF SUEZ group. Laborelec will also be partner of the strategic research center in Belgium for 3D printing together with world class partners such as 3D systems/layerwise, University of Leuven, …

By doing so, Laborelec will build up internal competences to increase buying power towards original equipment manufacturer:

1. Validate the performances of this technology and be able to write specifications to order 3D printed parts
2. Prepare a new maintenance service with the GDF SUEZ Energy Services

Laborelec international branch offices 2014

dWith branches in the Netherlands, Germany, Chile and Abu Dhabi (set-up), Laborelec strengthens and also secures the growth of its activities on the international market, as well inside as outside Europe, while preserving the specific objective and character of each Laborelec branch office.

In 2014, the major activities of Laborelec Nederland relate to :

  • quality control and reliability testing of electrical network equipment for the Dutch distribution system operators,
  • the assistance of GDF SUEZ Energy Netherlands Marketing & Sales in the field of asset management
  • pilot projects concerning Smart Local Energy Management (SLEM) for major electricity consumers, smart grids (for example via Alliander’s 6A project Alliander which intends to minimize the electricity consumption by residential customers, amongst others by optimal use of energy storage) and participation in the Laborelec battery test platform.

In 2014, Laborelec Germany and WSW agreed on a close two years’ cooperation contract, which substantially increases our technical assistance to WSW (Wuppertal Stadtwerke) for the development of their services in the field of flexibility, lighting and cogeneration. Laborelec Germany also serves more and more as collaboration platform with GDF SUEZ affiliates in Germany such as Cofely Deutschland and GFD SUEZ Energie Deutschland Marketing & Sales.

transformer oil samplingSince the beginning of 2014, Laborelec Chili catalyses our activities in Latin America, with particular attention for research and development in the field of renewable energy. The 7 employees of Laborelec Chile (at the end of 2014) focus on solar-based energy technologies into the overall energy system and on eco-efficiency by investigating new technologies (control, additive manufacturing, etc.) to reduce the consumption of water, energy, and other resources in power generation. At the same time, Laborelec Chile provides a local platform for strengthening service provision to customers in Latin America.

The imminent establishment of the Laborelec Middle East branch in Abu Dhabi (1 January 2015) is another significant marker in Laborelec’s international expansion. Already in 2014, the announcement alone of the forthcoming start-up of this Laborelec branch produces plenty of business opportunities. So the creation of Laborelec Middle East in the centre of BEI power plants and surrounded by industrial headquarters, will definitely boost the customer intimacy and strengthen & secure Laborelec’s current growth in this region.

Laborelec is proud to help the Belgian solar team

indupol one solar carAs technical partner of the Belgian Punch Powertrain Solar Team, consisting of Engineering students of the University of Leuven, Laborelec took care of the safety and the performance of the Indupol One solar car.

The solar car participated to the World Solar Challenge in Adelaide (Australia) during last summer. As technical partner, Laborelec contributed to the testing of the performances of the photovoltaic panels before installation on the car and by insuring electrical safety points recognized as crucial in this competition. Adaptations were proposed during design and realization phases, leading to these excellent results .
After a race of 3000 km, the Indupol One solar car passed the finish line in sixth position and won the Technical Innovation Award. A nice result for the Belgian Punch Powertrain Solar Team, leading this biannual project.

The testimony from Mattijs Plettinx, Punch Powertrain Solar Team Manager is clear:

"Thanks to the electro-luminance tests realized by Laborelec, we controlled and accordingly adapted our solar panel and therefore gained an efficiency of 5.7% on direct input. Following the recommendations, the vehicle underwent some adjustments which led to the nomination of electrically safest and most robust solar car of the whole competition on the World Championships. We would like to thank Laborelec as our partner for checking this with us and so creating a high end finish of the solar car."

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