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Why witnessing matters

Pushing the OEM to further investigate

A neutral, external expert witness can steer a root cause analysis (RCA) in the right direction. The Sohar Power Plant in Oman asked Laborelec to witness the RCA of a crack in the generator retaining ring in order to obtain an objective second opinion. Pushing the manufacturer to investigate every detail of the case was necessary to strengthen the insurance case, among other things.


The truth behind wind power curves

Supplier data on wind turbine performance are not always accurate. Consequently, there might be untapped potential for improving performance, as well as maintenance. Laborelec is able to identify such improvement opportunities thanks to its researchers having found a more accurate way to measure the nacelle wind speed.




Emission measurements on tuck boat catalyst systems at Port of Antwerp

Laborelec has won a public tender for measuring the efficiency of the back-up diesel engine catalysts of the Port of Antwerp tuck boats. To do so, our experts will perform various emission measurements (NOX, CO, fine dust, NH3, and carbon hydrogen) before and after the catalyst systems. And this at seven different loads of the tuck boats’ backup diesel engines.

The critical factor in winning the public tender was our strong experience with emission measurements and catalyst systems, for instance in power plants. The measurement campaign is scheduled for February 2013 and will take up a full week.

Early fault detection tool prevents major generator damage in Eems Power Plant

Using its early fault detection tool, Laborelec was able to identify a dangerous temperature increase in the generator of one of the units in the Eems Power Plant in the Netherlands near the end of November. After having notified the local operator, the unit was immediately shut down for closer investigation. Various tests revealed that parts of the generator’s stator had been damaged.

Without Laborelec’s SmartSignal detection tool, the plant would never have detected the problem before the temperature reached 150°C. By that point, the damage could have been catastrophic. It could have necessitated a complete replacement of the generator, which is vastly more expensive than replacing the damaged stator parts.



Training: Vibration monitoring of turbo machines


Rotating machines are subjected to continuous stress that is likely to initiate vibrations, the extent of which may lead to serious damage. This module is a detailed study of the philosophy and functioning of Laborelec’s Vibration Monitoring System (LVMS), such as it is used on more than 100 shaft lines around the world.

Target group

The level and course content is adaptable to the participants desires
(e.g. maintenance or operations, I&C,…)