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The truth behind wind power curves

Avent Lidar systems Wind Turbine performance LaborelecSupplier data on wind turbine performance are not always accurate. Consequently, there might be untapped potential for improving performance, as well as maintenance. Laborelec is able to identify such improvement opportunities thanks to its researchers having found a more accurate way to measure the nacelle wind speed. The power curve of a wind turbine is based on supplier data. These data, however, originate from wind speed measurements from the anemometer, which is placed at the rear of the wind turbine’s nacelle. This location raises doubts about the accuracy of the data. The movement of the blades at the front of the nacelle could affect the wind speed measurements taken by an anemometer at the rear.

Precise wind speed measurement

Laborelec therefore conducted a research project to identify a more accurate wind speed measurement tool. Pilot tests with a light detection and ranging tool (LIDAR) on top of the nacelle provided very precise wind speed data. Based on these data, Laborelec can calculate a more accurate power curve.

Enhancing wind turbine performance and maintenance

The LIDAR tool not only enables the precise calculation of a wind turbine’s power curve, but also opens up the opportunity for performance optimization and maintenance reduction.

Is your wind turbine’s power curve accurate enough?

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