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Pushing the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) to further investigate

A neutral, external expert witness can steer a root cause analysis (RCA) in the right direction. The Sohar Power Plant in Oman asked Laborelec to witness the RCA of a crack in the generator retaining ring in order to obtain an objective second opinion. Laborelec assured that the OEM’s investigation included all elements to come to the right conclusion. In this way, effective preventive maintenance actions could be planned and the insurance case strengthened.

Ensuring complete and objective root cause analysis

The Sohar Power Plant called in Laborelec as a technical expert to witness the OEM’s material RCA. This was done to ensure the completeness and objectivity of the investigation. Through close collaboration, both the OEM and Laborelec’s multidisciplinary team of experts came to the conclusion that the cracks in the generator retaining rings were probably caused by torsional vibrations as a result of grid instability.

Advising preventive maintenance measures

Since grid instabilities have external causes and cannot be avoided, it is important to minimize their effect. Laborelec was able to suggest the appropriate preventive maintenance measures. For instance, we suggested the implementation of a monitoring system to follow up on the situation. We also advised on investigating electrical issues, performing specific measurements, etc so that similar issues can be detected early and addressed before they can cause problems.

Strengthening the insurance case

Root cause analyses are not only indispensable for tackling issues adequately and preventing similar failures from reoccurring, they also help build a strong case for the insurance company. In certain cases, this can help pay back part of the repair costs.

What can RCA witnessing mean for your power plant?

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