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Make the right decisions to extend the lifetime of your plant

How many years to go?

Can your power plant continue to operate reliably, efficiently, and
cost-effectively beyond its pre-defined end-of-life? If so, how can you
adequately plan the required actions and budgets? Laborelec and Tractebel
Engineering helped the Al Taweelah A1 Power and Desalination Plant in
Abu Dhabi answer these questions.


How do new flexibility demands affect
your power plant?

Coal-fired and combined cycle gas turbine (CCGT) power plant operators are increasingly taking measures to become more flexible. It is difficult to determine the effects of this on plant equipment and life time expectancy, but Laborelec is aiming to do just that.



Energy efficiency check-up for coal-fired power plants

Laborelec has developed a multidisciplinary approach for conducting energy efficiency improvement check-ups for coal-fired power plants. In September 2012, a mixed team of Laborelec and BEE experts performed a first improvement check-up at the Gelderland Coal-Fired Power Plant in the Netherlands. The check-up focuses on numerous domains, such as the implementation of variable speed drives, heat recovery from bottom ashes, air pre-heater leak reduction, and so on. The methodology is based on Laborelec’s field experience account the efficiency improvement potential that was identified during some of our recent research projects, including implementing steam turbine brush seals and intelligent soot blowing.

In 2013, the methodology will be extended to gas-fired power plants.

Contact us for an energy efficiency check-up of your power plant.

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Remotely monitoring vibrations for the entire Polaniec Power Plant

By the end of 2014, all units in the Polaniec Power Plant in Poland will be equipped with the Laborelec Vibration Monitoring System (LVMS). Laborelec will collect and archive vibration data from all onsite shaft lines, enabling Laborelec vibration experts to analyze the vibration behaviour of the entire Polish plant remotely. Worldwide, Laborelec is monitoring the vibration behaviour of 140 shaft lines.

New control system for exhaust filters at Chilean power plant

Laborelec has designed and commissioned a new underpressure control system for the exhaust filters of one of the units at the Tocopilla Power Plant in Chile. The new system will balance the interaction between the pressure and flow balance of the two exhaust extraction lines linked with the filters. The project was executed on behalf of Tractebel Engineering, which is assisting the Chilean power plant in adapting its exhaust filters to achieve compliance with the upcoming stricter emission standards.


Laborelec hosts MGPE2012
(Metier Generation Platform Europe)

On the 10th and 11th of October, BEE has organised the MGPE, a two
day workshop meeting of power plant specialists and managers.

The 190 participants were coming from all of the BEE generation entities. The mainly technical topics of the meeting were directly focused on the key initiatives for Generation in the context of BE Energized 15 : improving performance of gas-fired, coal-fired and renewable generation assets, increasing power plant flexibility and conserving low utilisation assets. In the tradition of similar meetings in previous years, the meeting was hosted by Laborelec, the research and expertise center depending from BEE Metier Generation and DRI.



NEW COURSE ON CFBC (Circulating Fluidized Bed Combustion)


  • Acquire general knowledge on typical aspects of CFBC


  • Engineers
  • Managers with a technical background
  • Project developers
  • Operators
  • Suppliers