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Research & Innovation

Creating value for customers – today and tomorrow

Laborelec’s research programs cover the entire electricity value chain, from generation to end-use. We carry out business-driven contract research to further improve the technologies of today and develop those of tomorrow, in a spirit of operational excellence and business development.

Focus on the entire electricity value chain

Laborelec conducts research in every link of the electricity value chain:

Improving existing equipment for operational excellence

An important part of Laborelec’s research is dedicated to optimizing existing installations. Our goal is to:

Assessing the potential of emerging technologies

Laborelec also conducts research on promising new energy technologies. Our goal is to assess these technologies’ potential and support business development while mitigating risks.

Partner in ENGIE corporate research

Laborelec is actively involved in the ENGIE corporate research programs. These include studies on carbon capture and storage, new renewable energy technologies (solar and marine energies), smart energy, sustainable personal transport, electrical storage, city of tomorrow, and residential and tertiary building applications.

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