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Biomass Research

Optimize existing biomass technologies, assess emerging ones

Laborelec conducts research to optimize existing biomass technologies and determine the potential of new energy resources. This work is carried out during both in-house and collaborative research programs.

Reducing the impact of coal-fired power technologies

Our experts continuously research ways to improve fuel flexibility and optimize combustion. We are developing a test rig that enables us to investigate slagging and fouling issues. We also developed a pyrolysis model together with the Université Catholique de Louvain (Belgium). The model is coupled with Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) in order to optimize biomass firing and accurately predict emissions when (co)-firing biomass. In addition, we research ways to optimize biomass torrefaction as far as production, use, and market are concerned.

Assessing the potential of algae

What is the potential of micro-algae in energy generation and pollution remediation? Together with CRIGEN and CIRSEE, Laborelec investigates algae developments. We are also involved in the European EnAlgae Project.

Towards a more efficient use of biogas

Laborelec studies the efficient use of biogas as a fuel for energy generation. With this respect, our experts take part in the Optibiogaz Project of INTERREG IV.

Comparing gasification techniques

Our biomass experts study various gasification techniques. A key research project in this field is the Biovive Project, in which we take part together with the French National Research Agency (ANR)

Increasing the rate of biomass co-firing

Laborelec helps power plants increase their co-firing rate up to a 100% biomass operation. This is, for instance, the focus of our experts participating in the European FP7 Debco Project. One of our key realizations is the MaxGreen Unit in Ghent, Belgium.

Ensuring biomass sustainability

Laborelec participates in the IEE PELLCERT Project for the certification of sustainable wood pellet factories in Europe under the ‘ENPLUS Green’ label.

In addition, we also take part in the Eurelectric Biomass Taskforce, which works on the European biomass market and published a position paper on Solid Biomass Sustainability in May 2010.

More info on biomass research

More information on biomass research