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Gas-Fired Power Research

Boosting the operational excellence of a mature technology in a changing market

Laborelec Gas turbine research power plant

Laborelec’s CCGT (Combined Cycle Gas Turbine) Research Program develops innovative, cost-saving solutions to CCGT-related issues.

Increasing power plant flexibility

Grid constraints in deregulated energy markets are increasingly requiring power plants to operate flexibly, which they were not designed for. Laborelec supports CCGT plants in mitigating the risks of increased flexibility by quantifying its impact on critical equipment such as gas turbines, steam turbines, boilers, and generators.

Minimizing efficiency losses at all loads

Laborelec researches ways to identify and eliminate efficiency losses in power plants—both at base and partial load. This includes:

Ensuring high availability and reliability

High plant availability and reliability are required to meet the ever-increasing demand for electricity and market flexibility. To achieve this, Laborelec works on a number of research projects, including:

Lowering operation and maintenance costs

Reducing operation and maintenance costs is a priority for power plants. Laborelec is investigating ways to reduce these costs, for instance through:

Reducing environmental impact

Environmental legislation is constantly evolving, particularly in areas such as emissions and water treatment. Hence, helping plants reduce their environmental impact is another key research driver. Our experts:


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