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Distribution Grids & End-Use Development Research

Optimizing electric grid and end-use systems

Grid operators and electricity end-users are currently facing a number of significant challenges related to electricity. The ageing of grid assets is necessitating new measuring and monitoring techniques, and the increasing decentralization requires more intelligent systems to continuously balance power supply and demand. Laborelec is at the forefront of technological developments in each of these domains.

Grid asset management improves operational lifetime

The majority of European grids are over 30 years old. In order to extend the operational lifetime of these grids, in-depth knowledge of their assets is needed. Since the 1960’s, Laborelec has been acquiring expertise in electrotechnical materials and equipment—including cables, switchgear, and transformers. Our experts continue to conduct research in these domains and keep track of recent developments.

Experts in metering and monitoring

Laborelec has unique expertise in the metering and monitoring of electrical power data. Our experts have extensive experience in short- and long-term power quality measurement studies, as well as in monitoring the performance of various types of energy generation units. This experience enables us to continuously improve existing monitoring and measurement techniques and develop new ones. Our experts have developed, for instance, a monitoring tool that can detect a drop in the performance of wind turbines and solar panels, regardless of brand or technology.

Smart grids provide stable energy supply

Power generation is increasingly fluctuating due to the growing share of renewable energy generation units in the power mix. Nevertheless, power supply needs to be able to meet power demand at all times. Our experts are looking into the potential of intelligent systems that balance energy supply and demand.

Laborelec is a pioneer in smart grid technology. Our experts developed a smart grid for the first zero-emission research station in Antarctica, guaranteeing stable energy supply and user-side flexibility. They also have a smart grid at Laborelec headquarters, where they can run various tests.

Intelligent systems for public lighting and the residential sector

Laborelec is also investigating the potential of intelligent systems in lighting and the residential sector.

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