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Nuclear Energy Research

Further improving nuclear power plant operation

07.2118 laborelec nuclear water chemistry automation condition assessment 2Laborelec’s Nuclear Research Program strives towards operational excellence and performance optimization in the field of nuclear energy generation. The research program is established in collaboration with the Doel and Tihange Nuclear Power Plants in order to optimally meet their demands. Research projects are carried out with multiple Laborelec departments as well as with external research centres.

Cross-department research

Our experts research all facets of nuclear power plant operation:

Research areas are defined based on plant issues encountered in the field and on assessments of available technologies. If no satisfactory technology exists, Laborelec examines the in-house development of solutions.

Active involvement in other research topics

Laborelec works on a number of nuclear research projects, in-house as well as with partners such as the Belgian Nuclear Research Centre (SCK/CEN) and the French Commissariat à l’Énergie Atomique (CEA). In this respect, Laborelec focuses on:


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