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Renewable Energy Research

Laborelec’s Renewable Energy Research Program is partially dedicated to maximizing wind turbine efficiency and optimizing their maintenance. Our research also covers selected topics in solar energy, ocean power, and biofuels.

Wind turbines: maximizing efficiency 

A key research focus is the maximization of wind turbine production through:

Wind turbines: optimizing maintenance

Laborelec conducts research that supports the development of optimal maintenance strategies by:

Solar photovoltaic (PV)Energy technology

Our experts work on selected topics in the field of solar photovoltaic (PV) technology:

In addition, Laborelec closely tracks innovations in solar power technology, including Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) and concentrated photovoltaics.

Ocean power research projects

Laborelec also participates in various marine power research projects, essentially wave and tidal energy.

Biofuel Researchlogo enalgae

We are actively researching the potential of various types of biofuels:

We are also investigating the firing of 100% biomass or co-firing various mixtures of coal and biomass blends.

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