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Collaborative research with companies, universities, and research centres

Laborelec does not only conduct research internally, but also collaborates with external research centres and universities. The integration of skills and knowledge from different partners increases the effectiveness of the research collaboration with external partners.

In its research, Laborelec collaborates with a wide variety of external partners, such as companies, universities, and research centres worldwide. We also actively participate in several European FP7 collaborative research programs:

Advisory Board provides scientific advice

Laborelec closely consults with an Advisory Board that provides research ideas and gives advice on how to improve existing programs. The Board meets twice a year and consists of university professors in various specialties. In 2010, the Board consisted of ten professors from Belgian, Dutch, English, and German universities, with specialties ranging from electromechanics to the environment and from thermodynamics to automation:

Are you our next research partner?

Interested in collaborating with Laborelec for your research? Contact us.

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