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Improving operational performance - reducing risk of incidents


Putting plant operators back in control Due to the growing processing capacity of automated systems, the number of alarm calls in power plants has exploded. Many less–than-vital alarm features have been added, resulting in operators unable to reasonably handle the number of alarm calls. Alarm floods and cryptic alarms can hinder operators from taking the right decisions. By bringing the number of alarms back to a reasonable and manageable level, plant operators can regain control.


Laborelec’s Intelligent Alarm Management services are dedicated to all GDF SUEZ power plants, independent of the Distributed Control System they use. Out of a set of seven basic steps, a customized service is worked out for each power plant. This can be anything from a quick scan to a complete programme aiming for EEMUA 191 compliancy.

Expertise in alarm management and power plants united


EEMUA 191 guidelines provide clear and objective quality benchmark figures for any kind of alarm system. Laborelec can develop new or enhance existing alarm systems for EEMUA 191 compliancy by making use of the PAS method and software tool. The PAS methodology is recognized as best practice by ISA and EPRI. The co-operation between PAS and Laborelec has proved successful - PAS brings in expertise on alarm management and analytical software while Laborelec has knowledge of the power production process.

Intelligent Alarm Management services for new power plants

Laborelec can create a solid base for IAM in the design phase of a new power plant. It establishes a high quality Alarm Philosophy that complies with the new plant’s operating strategy. The result is monitored and benchmarked against the pre-defined Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) during implementation and commissioning.

A modular service dedicated to power plants

The Intelligent Alarm Management of Laborelec and PAS contains the following seven steps, out of which a customized service for each power plant is composed:


More information on intelligent alarm management for power plants

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More information on intelligent alarm management for power plants

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  • Intelligent Alarm Management For Power Plants
    Intelligent Alarm Management For Power Plants

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