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Root Cause Analysisroot cause failure analysis tube welding

Identifying the true cause of any technical problem

Maximizing the reliability of your equipment 

When your equipment does not operate within the expected specifications or experiences a breakdown, it is important to identify the root cause of the problem. Only in this way, a durable solution can be worked out to prevent reoccurrence of the problem and minimize future costs. A correct root cause failure analysis also provides vital information for the insurance company. Finally, if the root cause is identified, similar equipment can be screened for the same problem and preventive maintenance can be executed.

But what is the best approach to identify the true cause of the problem?root cause failure analysis practical advice






RCA Standardized approach based on experience and multidisciplinarity

Laborelec uses a standardized method to efficiently and effectively identify the root cause of any type of equipment failure. Our expertise in multiple domains, our vast range of test facilities, and our many years of experience ensure a thorough inspection at all times. The benefits of this combination are widespread: 

Multidisciplinarity is the key to a correct root cause failure analysis

Even seemingly simple cases often require expertise in different domains, such as material science, chemistry, electrical science, mechanics... Laborelec has the experts and the tools to conduct investigations in any domain.

We use a standardized method for conducting root cause failure analyses. It takes into account all potential causes and investigates them with the proper priority and based upon facts.

Only if you tackle the root cause of the problem, instead of the symptoms, you can enhance your maintenance activities and reduce future costs.

Laborelec’s root cause failure analyses provides a solid basis for finding the true root cause of the problem and consequently for the appropriate risk mitigation measures. It also enables you to screen similar equipment for the same problem and take preventive measures.

International references

Over the years, Laborelec has conducted over hundreds of root cause failure analyses on various types of equipment around the world:

A standardized, comprehensive approach reduces the risk of equipment failures

Laborelec helps identify the root cause of failing equipment. Our standardized, multidisciplinary approach enables us to correctly identify the problem and offer advice to reduce the risk of similar failures.

Equipment root cause failure analysis and evaluation of third-party investigations

The first step in conducting the root cause failure analysis,is documenting the defect by collecting facts on site,gathering historical and operational data, and preserving relevant damaged hardware for further investigation. This takes place in close collaboration with the equipment owner and operator. All this information is structured in well-arranged diagrams and tables in order to keep track of the likeliness of potential causes throughout the investigation. If the root cause failure analysis is performed by the manufacturer or a third-party contractor, we can assist you in witnessing their investigation to ensure that the investigation is conducted correctly.

Multidisciplinary Root Cause Analyses

We can perform various types of tests in our laboratories as well as on site:

We have experts in each domain working closely together, which makes it possible to address all aspects of the problem. 

Risk mitigation measures and evaluation

Upon root cause identification, we propose the appropriate risk mitigation measures. We also offer an evaluation of the applied mitigation measures to ensure the best action was taken.

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