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Creating value for customers in the electricity value chain

laborelec services cables lighting biomass transmission water treeingLaborelec’s services are focused on creating value for customers throughout the entire electricity value chain—power generation, transmission, distribution, storage and end-use. The value we deliver can be increased revenues, availability, and flexibility, as well as reduced operational and maintenance costs. Our value-creating offering is the result of our multidisciplinary skill set. We have various domains of expertise in house , grouped into the following services:

Addressing electrical challenges

Laborelec offers grid operators, power plants, and industrial and tertiary companies expert advice on a variety of energy-related challenges, such as reliability, availability, and efficiency. Our experts have in-depth knowledge of electrical power systems, performance and quality monitoring, electromagnetic compatibility, and a wide range of electrical equipment. Our advice is based on accurate measurements, analyses, and/or simulations performed on site or in our accredited laboratories. Our expertise covers the following domains:

Optimizing the sustainability of energy-related processes

Laborelec is assisting companies across the electricity value chain in optimizing the sustainability and flexibility of their processes. We offer our customers proven, state-of-the-art solutions that help them efficiently (co-)fire biomass, minimize emissions, enhance combustion efficiency, and automate processes for increased control. Our services cover the following domains:

Maintaining the condition of power plant components

Laborelec helps companies across the entire electricity value chain improve the availability, reliability, and maintenance of their equipment. To ensure the best results, we have a team that is specialized in assessing and monitoring the structural integrity of various types of equipment components. Our experts use state-of-the-art testing equipment, as well as on-site measurement tools, to conduct root cause failure analyses, fitness-for-purpose studies, lifetime extension investigations, and other testing services. Our competencies are divided into the following technological domains: