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A Lighting Master Plan for your municipality

Cost-savings, safety, aesthetics, and environment in one single study

Saving public lighting energy costLighting Master Plan 04

Opinions on public lighting have evolved in the past few decades. Anyone looking at safety these days, isn’t concerned exclusively with objective traffic safety. The more subjective feeling of safety is also important. Higher energy costs have formed a major argument for limiting consumption. And the increasing focus on the environment has put the problem of light pollution back on the agenda. In addition, municipalities are re-evaluating the aesthetics of lighting, especially in older urban centres. Saving on maintenance costs is another topical issue.

A practical guide for your public lighting

To meet all of these wishes the market for lighting products has grown enormously in the past few years. But to make use of the new opportunities and weigh up all the pros end cons, ad hoc solutions simply won't do. This demands a thorough study and a single unifying strategy; a ‘Lighting Master Plan’ that lays down the objectives in clear language and sets out the technical, organisational, and budgetary framework. It must be a practical guide for the municipality in all decisions relating to public lighting.

Recommandations for Ambience, safety, light pollution and use of energyLighting Master Plan 03

A Laborelec Lighting Master Plan is always based on a general concept, framed in close consultation between all parties. What feel does the municipality aspire to create? What are its main priorities? What are the prerequisites? The concept is transformed into tangible lighting proposals for every neighbourhood in the municipality, taking account of all key aspects: ambience, safety, light pollution and rational energy consumption. Great care is taken to ensure consistency with the mobility plan. The Lighting Master Plan also contains recommendations for maintaining luminaries and replacing lamps.

The Lighting Master Plan, step by step

Consulting regularly, sharing knowledge

The municipality receives a detailed lighting plan in several different phases. There are regular interim consultations in a steering committee with municipality representatives, regional representatives, and all other involved parties (municipal associations, traders Lighting Master Plan 01associations, architects, heritage representatives, etc.). These committees function at the same time as a training course. Participants gain a better understanding of the various characteristics of public lighting.

Phase 1: Study of the location and its current lighting system

The first phase is the collection of information and data. Our staff study the topography, the history, and the rhythm of the town or municipality, with all its cultural and commercial activities. This is also the time to index existing lighting positions. Our experts study how they work and how resistant they are to ageing and vandalism, etc.

Phase 2: Setting the objectives

In the second phase, the general conditions are formulated in terms of safety, lightpollution, energy consumption, investment costs, and the maintenance price tag. For example, in working out the Lighting Master Plan for a Flemish city, the following priorities were logged:

1) Consistency with and reinforcement of the mobility plan
2) Improving safety and the sense of safety
3) Rational energy use
4) Restricting light pollution

Phase 3: Working out the concept and writing the plan

Lighting Master Plan 02Based on the study of the municipality and the objectives formulated, a coherent scenario is drafted in which all these aspects are combined. This forms the centre of gravity when writing the Lighting Master Plan. It includes general guidelines for the purchase of lamps and lighting fixtures and a comparison between various products. A plan is also drafted for management (maintenance, replacement of lamps, remote controls, etc), including the projected investment costs  for the coming five to ten years.

We look forward to working together with you to create an optimal public lighting plan in your municipality that fulfils contrasting needs and desires.

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