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Initiative Wood Pellets Buyers 2010-2012

Standardizing industrial solid biomass trading in Europe

The IWPB was launched by GDF SUEZ and unites utility firms that fire large quantities of wood pellets. The goal is to enable the trading of industrial wood pellets among the partnering companies.

Sustainable Biomass Partnership (SBP)

IWPB was turned into SPB from 2013 on. Please refer to the SPB website for more information 

Uniting various actors in the biomass energy sector

The IWPB brought together GDF SUEZ, RWE, E.On, Vattenfall, Drax Plc, and Dong, as well as certifying companies  Inspectorate and Control Union. Laborelec participated in this work panel as a technical expert.

Laborelec wood pellets biomass analysis biomassa analyse report overview

Redirecting biomass supplies in the case of plant unavailability

All biomass-fired power plants rely on long-term contracts. When one of them needs to shut down unexpectedly, it is in the plant’s best interest to trade its wood pellet supply. Hence, contract forms and legal conditions must be harmonized to ensure appropriate trading conditions. In addition, technical specifications and sustainability requirements for wood pellets need to be standardized. The IWPB achieves all this in complete transparency.


2012 May 30 - Schiphol 
Minutes of the meeting

2012 April 18 - London
Minutes of the meeting 
Wood pellets specifications

2012 February 27 - London
Minutes of the meeting   

2012 January 30 - Geneva, Switzerland 
Minutes of the IWPB meeting 

2012 January 27 -
Concept minutes technical meeting wood pellet quality specifications
Summary of recommendations and discussion points for the IWPB meeting of 30 January

2011 November 09  - Amsterdam
Minutes 8th Industrial Wood Pellet Buyer-Amsterdam

2011 September 07 - Copenhagen, Denmark
Minutes 7th Industrial Wood Pellet Buyers' meeting DONG Energy offices, Gentofte

2011 May 19 - London 
Minutes 6th Industrial Wood Pellet Buyer

2011 March 16 - Rotterdam
Minutes 5th Industrial Wood Pellet Buyer
Sustainability criteria for solid biomass - Yves Ryckmans

2011 January 27, geneva
Minutes 4th Industrial Wood Pellet Buyer

Questionnaire of wood pellets product standard for industrial use - Eubionet

2010 Novermber 18, Düsseldorf
Minutes 3rd Industrial Wood Pellet Buyer

2010 September 23, Copenhagen
Minutes 2nd Industrial Wood Pellet Buyer

 2010 June 10, Brussels
Minutes Industrial wood pellets buyers meeting

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