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Corrosion Protection & Coatings

Minimizing corrosion and the related costs

Laborelec coating quality inspectionCorrosion can entail costly equipment replacement and have a significant impact on the budget of a power plant or industrial company. If improperly addressed, it can even result in unplanned production stoppages and loss of revenue. Laborelec’s Corrosion Competence Centre helps customers prevent and fight corrosion. Our coating experts are all certified by the National Association of Corrosion Engineers (NACE).

Expert advice during the selection of the most appropriate coating

Selecting an optimal coating is an essential prerequisite for efficiently fighting corrosion. Laborelec advises power plants and industrial companies on the most appropriate types of coatings to use on each specific piece of equipment, in each different operating environment. Our expert technical advice and independence from suppliers ensure the identification of the best solution for each situation.

Inspecting coating application works

To efficiently fight corrosion, the coating needs to be applied correctly. Laborelec verifies that this has been accomplished by thoroughly inspecting the work of the supplier before, during, and after the coating works:

Root cause analysis and remedial advice of corrosion and coating failures

In the case of corrosion or coating failure, Laborelec is able to carry out a root cause analysis. Using our vast experience and on-site measurement tools, we assess the situation, identify the source of the problem, provide a solution, and give recommendations on how to avoid future problems.

Training on organic coatings and paint issues

Laborelec provides both standard and customized training courses on organic coatings. Topics covered include:

The course is designed for project engineers, quality assurance managers, mechanical maintenance staff, and operation technicians.

Multidisciplinary expertise to tackle every corrosion issue

Fighting corrosion does not only involve coating. In some cases, it requires water treatment adjustments, chemical analysis, and selection of appropriate metallic and non-metallic materials. Our multidisciplinary knowledge base enables us to provide optimal assistance in each of these domains.


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