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Electrical Power Systems, Analyses & Concepts

From optimal power system design to operational excellence

Electrical Power Systems Lab

Ageing assets, decentralized energy generation, smart grids, electrical storage ...

Electrical networks are becoming increasingly complex, making it ever so difficult to guarantee their operational reliability, while saving on operation and maintenance. Laborelec advises on the design and operation processes, in order to ensure the maximum performance at the lowest cost.

Including safety and continuity in power network design

Reliable and cost-effective operation starts with an optimal design. Laborelec makes sure safety and continuity are part of the concept:

Assisting in the handover from network design to operations

Laborelec enables the smooth handover to the operations department by:

Improving operational performance and preventing ageing of electrical networks

Achieving operational excellence and optimizing an electrical network’s lifespan means preventing interruptions in operation, slowing down the ageing process, and increasing energy efficiency. When an incident does occur, a sustainable solution must be found quickly. Laborelec ensures operational excellence through: Using our competencies in these domains, we provide operators with an accurate view of the network’s key parameters and help them monitor unexpected loads, currents, and voltages, detect power quality phenomena, and anticipate potential safety risks.

Concrete advice, based on real network data

Our recommendations are ready for implementation, because they are based on expert measurements, modelling, and testing: