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Electrotechnical Material Analysis

Cables, generators, motors, transformers, switchgear,... assessments

Electrotechnical Materials analysis

Cables, generators, motors, transformers, switchgear,... The correct functioning of electrical components depends on the integrity of the materials they are made of. Plant and electrical network operators have to make the correct purchasing decisions, monitor the condition of their components, and tune their maintenance strategies effectively. Laborelec has the electrical, material, and mechanical expertise needed to help operators ensure the optimal integrity and functioning of their plant’s components, as well as that of the materials used.

Multidisciplinary inspection of electrical rotating machinery

The combination of electrotechnical knowledge and power plant process expertise enables us to provide high-quality assessments and advice regarding the condition of electrical rotating machinery. Our experts meticulously measure the equipment’s material properties and evaluate the state of the electrical insulation, using visual, acoustic, and chemical inspection methods. Our multidisciplinary approach makes it possible to effectively analyze the numerous interactions between electrical phenomena, material characteristics, and mechanical factors.

Cable quality assessment

Laborelec provides a full range of services in the field of cables and cable accessories. Our experts have the tools and the knowledge needed to assist power plants and industries with:laborelec

In addition, Laborelec has developed an accelerated test to assess the water treeing propensity of XLPE insulated cables.

Material investigations of other electrical components

Material aspects are also important in other electrical components, such as transformers, switchgear, bushings, and isolators. Laborelec’s investigations require a combined knowledge of electrical aspects and organic, ceramic, and metallic materials.

Active in European research on insulating materials and cables

To support and continuously improve our services, we also take part in international research projects such as:

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