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Energy Efficiency for industrial and tertiary companies

Increasing the eco-efficiency of production and utility processes

Is there still room for improving the eco-efficiency of a specific production or utility process? If so, what is the best solution for that specific situation? And how can this solution be effectively implemented? Laborelec helps customers answer each of these questions.

Identifying the most effective energy saving potential

Detecting lucrative energy saving potential asks for critical investigation of production and utility processes. Laborelec first makes a detailed energy balance, based on data from the customer’s energy housekeeping system. If necessary, we conduct extra measurements on site. The energy balance enables us to determine which energy consumers are worth investigating for valuable energy savings. Based on our knowledge of energy technologies and industrial and tertiary processes we are able to come with innovative solutions.

Pinpointing the most energy efficient solution

Each company’s situation is specific, and, hence, the best energy saving solution for one company is not necessarily ideal for another. Our experts effectively address each customer’s specific situation. They evaluate various solution scenarios in terms of their eco-efficiency, return on investment, and any other key criteria identified by the customer. The deliverable is a detailed report including the pros and cons of each scenario, with ready-to-use implementation strategies.

Coaching during the implementation of more energy efficiency

Saving energy can entail the incorporation of a new piece of equipment or the adaptation of existing processes. Laborelec assists companies step-by-step in this process: from evaluating offers from various suppliers to supervising equipment installation or modification.

Monitoring energy performance

Structural energy saving requires more than incorporating a new machine or adapting an existing one. It also necessitates continuous follow-up of the machine’s energy performance. Is the machine functioning as claimed by the supplier? Is its capacity being adequately exploited? Laborelec recommends the optimal energy management solutions and offers monitoring services with consistent advice, in order to further ensure that the customer obtains maximum equipment performance.

Reducing energy costs by optimizing the load profile

The energy expenditure of industrial companies is largely dependent on the amount of electricity used, the energy consumption profile, and the contract with the energy provider. As more and more solar panels and wind turbines are installed, a company’s load profile becomes increasingly important in determining the energy expenditure. Laborelec can help reduce energy costs by changing the load profile.

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