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Calibration of electrical measuring instrumentslogo ISO 17025 BELAC

Increasingly reliable measurements

The right measurement?

If you base your advice and bills on the output of electrical measuring devices, you must be certain that your measurements are correct. A minor disparity can have major financial repercussions. If you are a supplier of electrical measuring devices, you are doubtless looking for hard guarantees that you can actually provide the quality and reliability you promise.

Convertible calibration measurements

You can feel reassured by having your devices calibrated by an accredited and independent organisation. A great many quality systems demand nothing less. When choosing, it’s important that the lab entrusted with the assignment is allied to primary laboratories. That’s the best way to ensure the convertibility and, consequently, the accuracy of the measurements.Calibration of electrical measuring devices 02

Direct affiliation with primary laboratories

The Laborelec laboratory of electrical metrology is directly affiliated with the Belgian primary laboratory, as well as international labs in Germany, UK and France. Laborelec was one of the first accredited laboratories in the sector in Belgium, and now boasts an extensive accreditation portfolio.

Extensive service, accurate work

Wide spectrum of possibilities

The Laborelec laboratory can count on an extensive accreditation domain and high performance equipment. One of our areas of expertise is calibration of high-voltage apparatus; devices operating at very high currents and voltages are no impediment. We can also carry out simple calibrations of direct-voltage devices. Our expertise and competence in the electricity industry guarantee exceptionally low uncertainty margins.

BELAC accredited Laboratory

Our laboratory is BELAC (Belgian Accreditation Organisation) accredited. We always use calibration equipment that has been calibrated in competent laboratories. All of our reference standards are calibrated regularly by a primary European laboratory. To receive a review of the domain for which we are accredited, with corresponding margins of uncertainty, simply send an email to More info on calibration of electrical measuring devices. We will send you a copy of our accreditation certificates at the earliest opportunity.

Calibration in our lab or on-site

Below is a list of some of the electrical devices we can calibrate for you. We can work in our lab or on your premises.Calibration of electrical measuring devices 03

You can also rely on us for:

We share our expertise with you to guarantee the precision and reliability of your electrical measuring apparatus.

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