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Are you sure your instrument transformer is operating properly?

Avoid worthless measurements…

Your kWh meters or other electrical measuring devices may be accurately calibrated, but if the associated instrument transformer is not operating with the same accuracy or higher, your measurements will be unreliable. When the voltage or current is high, this disparity can have a major impact on the final result. Therefore, a properlyfunctioning instrument transformer is no luxury.

… Calibrate your instrument transformer

The only way to obtain the peace of mind that your instrument transformers are functioning properly is to have them calibrated by a certified organisation. Your quality system will most likely demand that this organisation be accredited. It’s also important that the measurements reflect primary standards.Calibration of instrument transformers 02

Experience in high-voltage engineering

Laborelec has many years of experience in high-voltage engineering. That substantiates their appropriateness as a partner for calibrating your instrument transformers. It has an extensive accreditation portfolio and works with standards that are regularly calibrated by primary labs. The experts at Laborelec attend meetings conducted by the various standardisation bodies, which means they can put device performance into the proper perspective.

The whole instrument transformer load chain under the microscope

Whatever the voltage

Laborelec is your partner for calibrating voltage and current transformers, current tongs, current and voltage splitters, and more. For low, medium, and high voltage. We use automatic measuring bridges and very precise standards to assure fast and reliable results. We are one of the few labs in Belgium to offer this service.Calibration of instrument transformers 04

Studying the load influence

Laborelec does much more for you than simply calibrating your devices. We have the in-house expertise to determine the load burden of the secondary cycle circuits. That translates into a sense of confidence that a given load will not have a negative impact on the accuracy of your instrument transformers. We can simulate inductive and capacitive load scenarios in our laboratory.

Always up to speed on new standards

Our close relationships with standardisation organisations means we can offer high quality guidance in interpreting results. Not only in assessing conformity with prevailing standards, but also in determining the tests needed to guarantee and increase overall quality.

Laboratory Accreditations

To receive an overview of the scope of our accreditation, with corresponding uncertainties, simply send an email to More info on Calibration of instrument transformers. We will send you a copy of our accreditation certificates at the earliest opportunity.

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We share our expertise with you to guarantee the accuracy and reliability of your entire measuring chain.

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