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One kWh, is it exactly 1 kWh? 

KWh Meter Calibration = Accurate billing

kWh measurements often serve as the key input for billing consumers. They are also often used as input by consumers themselves for cost allocation purposes. As a distribution network operator or as a manager that is responsible for the metering in your company, you need to be certain that the kWh measurement you take is accurate. When you’re dealing with high voltage installations, a minor measuring error can result in an economically significant difference in the invoicing.

Reliable KWh meter calibrationCalibration of energy meter 01

The only way to guarantee the accuracy of your measuring devices is to have them calibrated by an independent, accredited laboratory. In doing so, it’s important that these calibrations be based on international standards. That guarantees the uncertainty margins and the reliability of the calibration.

Fully equipped calibration laboratory

Laborelec has a fully equipped calibration laboratory with the most accurate energy standard. It can furnish an extensive accreditation portfolio that is recognised internationally.

Calibration benches Calibration

Calibration of energy meter 02The devices used to calibrate electricity meters must be routinely verified themselves. That’s the only way to protect consumers. Laborelec’s working standards are well suited to the task. We can carry out calibration on your site, minimising disruption to your calibration routine.

Calibration Benches Portable standards

In addition to calibration benches, Laborelec regularly aligns the portable standards used mainly for everyday checks or when new installations are placed.

Calibration of energy meter 03Calibration Energy Meter Laboratory

As an independent body, Laborelec is regularly called upon to calibrate energy meters in the event of complaints or investigations into alleged fraud.

Energy meters Higher standards Calibration

Energy meters have to be exceptionally accurate when the current or the voltage is high. Laborelec is also your partner for calibration of these higher standards – up to the 0,005% class. We can employ our reference standards, even for the highest class. Laborelec is the only lab in Belgium with the skills to carry out calibrations at this level of accuracy.

Laboratory Calibration Accreditations Certificates

To receive an overview of the scope of our accreditation, with corresponding uncertainties, simply send an email to We will send you a copy of our accreditation certificates at the earliest opportunity.

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We share our expertise with you to guarantee the precision and validity of your energy meters.

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