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logo ISO 17025 BELACOn-site verification of measuring installations

Every link in the measuring chain inspected

Reliable measurements ensure reliable data

Increasingly, sophisticated measurements are an important source of information. They are used as input for budgeting, cost allocation, more efficient energy management and a great deal more. A minor discrepancy in measured data can have major (financial) implications for consumers. It is therefore, imperative that the accuracy of these measuring installations be guaranteed.

Not only the measuring device

Proper calibration of the measuring device is important. But the rest of the measuring chain may impact the results as well. Accordingly, the whole installation needs to be inspected. Is the cable work correctly configured? Are the transformation ratios correct? Is the load exceeding the measuring installations use parameters? Are the instrument transformers being used properly? on-site verification of measuring installations 02Long story short: every link in the measuring chain must be inspected to ensure it is properly installed, properly used and calibrated in accordance with prevailing standards.

Knowledge of every component of measuring your installation

Laborelec’s experts leverage their expertise to swiftly identify potential bottlenecks on the high and low voltage sides of the measuring installation. Laborelec also has a wellequipped calibration laboratory displaying the most accuratestandards. That guarantees accurate calibration of every measuring device.

On-site inspection of measuring installations

Your installation is inspected on-site, with precise examinations of the entire installation as well as each individual component.

Instrument transformers calibrations in the lab

We can calibrate instrument transformers in our own laboratory. Upon completion, an accredited certificate is issued.

Accredited Laboratory

To receive an overview of the scope of our accreditation, with corresponding uncertainties, simply send an email to We will send you a copy of our accreditation certificates at the earliest opportunity.

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We share our expertise with you to guarantee the proper functioning of your entire measuring chain.

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