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Nuclear Power Plant Materials Analysis

Helping nuclear plants ensure even more reliable operation

Laborelec Nuclear Power Plant Materials reliable operation lifetime extension

The first nuclear power plants entered service forty years ago. Today, their possible lifetime extension is being discussed. Assessing the plants’ readiness for extended operation requires unbiased advice from energy experts. Laborelec, with its vast nuclear expertise and power plant knowledge, provides exactly that.

Condition assessment of nuclear power plant components

Over the years, our experts have acquired considerable experience in many nuclear power domains, including that of power plant materials. Laborelec has the in-house knowledge to follow and validate non-destructive tests on components such as steam generators, reactor vessels, and heat exchangers. Laborelec also has its own in-house hot laboratory, which carries out examinations of low-level radioactive equipment that has been removed from service. We are continuously expanding our knowledge of both existing and new plants, by taking part in international workgroups, for example.

Expert advice on lifetime extension of nuclear power equipment

Achieving and maintaining ever-higher levels of reliability and safety is a major priority for nuclear power plants. Our experts have a broad knowledge of the impact of nuclear energy generation on material wear, which they actively use in ageing projects, as well as corrosion and integrity assessments in nuclear power plants. We provide power plants with unbiased advice on repair and maintenance and help them prepare for a possible lifetime extension of their units.

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