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Plant Integrity Assessment & Structure Mechanics

Ensuring the reliability of large rotating machinery

Laborelec Plant Integrity Assessment Structure Mechanics reliability of large rotating machinery damaged blade


The lifetime of power plant equipment is increasingly extended. In addition, they often need to operate in cycling mode, even though they were originally designed to work at base load. These trends increase the loads and stresses on plant equipment. Laborelec addresses these issues using its advanced knowledge of structure mechanics and material degradation mechanisms.

Assessing material integrity and behaviour

Turbine blades, rotor disks, shafts, valves, and other components of large rotating machinery are subject to various types of degradation. To ensure their reliability, Laborelec offers:

Broad range of analyses for large rotating equipment

Our experts carry out tests and analyses in our dedicated laboratory or in the field. Among the many techniques used are:

We also systematically improve guidelines on inspection programs for overhauls or dedicated verifications for root cause analyses.

Assisting plants with root cause analyses and troubleshooting

Based on our assessments, we assist customers in:


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  • Rotor Dynamic Modelling

  • Electrical Rotating Machines
  • Vibration monitoring of turbogroups damage prevention adn maintenance optimization
    Vibration Monitoring of Turbogroups

  • Root Cause Analysis

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