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Process Performance & Automation

Achieving operational excellence through automation and efficiency control

Laborelec Process Performance operational automation efficiency Control room

Laborelec has advanced knowledge and tools in the fields of efficiency monitoring and process automation. Our services range from control loop expertise and process performance issues to alarm management. We assist power plant operators in increasing operational flexibility and efficiency throughout the entire plant life cycle.

Enhancing power plant process performance worldwide

Our experts combine advanced know-how in automation and control systems and in-depth knowledge of conventional and nuclear power plant processes. Using these skills, we help plant operators all over the world improve the performance of key plant components such as steam turbines, cooling towers, and condensers. For large-scale projects, our experts are present on-site for several weeks.

Addressing modern control challenges

Laborelec provides a wide range of services to help plant operators maintain absolute control over their processes. Our interventions include:

Using dynamic process models and specialized simulator tools—such as the Laborelec Steam Turbine Simulator (LSTS)—we can reduce commissioning costs and improve control and automation reliability.

Monitoring process performance to increase plant efficiency

We offer a large variety of services to help plant operators monitor and optimize the efficiency of their power plants. These include:

When necessary, our experts use thermal engineering software to develop models, tune model parameters to precisely match those of existing power plants, and recommend solutions to enhance plant efficiency.

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