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Remote Monitoring and Diagnostics

Monitoring equipment condition helps avoid unplanned shutdowns and optimize operation efficiency

Laborelec remote monitoring diagnostics operation efficiency equipment tool

The efficient operation of an entire power plant depends upon the condition of its critical equipment. Good condition monitoring is essential in order to detect defects early on and carry out predictive maintenance. Laborelec has both the knowledge and tools needed to effectively monitor plant components and advise on the appropriate corrective actions to take in order to improve their reliability.

Which monitoring tools for which equipment?

Laborelec gives power plants advice on the best monitoring tools to use for their specific situations and needs, including the parameters that need to be monitored and the most appropriate location(s) for sensor installation. Our main focus is on monitoring the power plant as a whole. In addition, we provide specialized condition monitoring tools for:

From installing monitoring equipment to predictive maintenance of your power plant

Our condition monitoring services help operators save significant amounts of money by avoiding unplanned stoppages:

Remote condition monitoring and diagnostics

Laborelec offers the full range of power plant monitoring services, including remote monitoring. Our experts follow up on alarms, anticipate problems, immediately inform plant operators of potential issues, and advise them on the necessary maintenance interventions.

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