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Vibrations and Rotating Machinery analysis and modelling

preventing machinery vibration damage

LVMS Vibrations monitoring Rotating Machinery

Rotating machinery is often exposed to vibrations that can eventually cause damage. Unfortunately, vibration issues can go unnoticed for a very long time, acting as ‘hidden destroyers.’ Laborelec has extensive experience in analyzing vibrations. Consequently, we are able to provide effective assistance in preventing and alleviating related problems. A key tool in this service is Laborelec’s online Vibration Monitoring System (LVMS). We also use on-site measurements and/or rotor dynamics modelling to conduct plant-specific analyses.

LVMS Video

LVMS is ENGIE’s solution for vibration monitoring of large turbogroups. It facilitates condition assessment and the information it delivers guides your people and remote experts in situations where time constraints are important.

Watch the video: LVMS - Laborelec Vibration Monitoring System

The new LVMS: Why make the change.

Launched in 1985, ENGIE Laborelec’s Vibration Monitoring System (LVMS) now has more than 100 satisfied users worldwide, who appreciate its crucial role in assessing the condition of large turbogroups.

So, why make the change?

Because technology has evolved and has meant that ENGIE Laborelec could turn LVMS into a more compact and robust system fit for the latest IT standards that is even easier to install and maintain. And all of this without compromising the tool’s ease of use.

The new LVMS: Why make the change

power plant Permanent and/or ad-hoc vibration management assistance

Laborelec supports power plants in detecting vibration issues and preventing and alleviating the resulting problems. We provide both permanent and ad-hoc assistance:

Remote vibration monitoring of your equipment with LVMS software

We can equip machines with LVMS, a tool focused on large rotating machinery such as turbine generators. LVMS is based on more than 1000 machine-years’-worth of monitoring experience and enables us to remotely monitor the equipment and quickly give advice to plant operators on the severity of a vibration problem and the possible corrective actions.

On-site assistance vibration measurement

 Within the scope of a vibration analysis, we also provide on-site assistance for vibration measurement campaigns. Our services can vary from balancing actions, to temporary follow-up with a mobile LVMS, to more complex tasks such as torsional vibration measurements or fast transient analysis.

turbine shaft train Rotor dynamic modelling and diagnostics

In addition to our measurement-based diagnostic and remedial services, we also construct and validate rotor dynamics models of gas and steam turbine-driven shaft trains, which are then used in the root cause analysis of more complex problems.

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