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Water Treatment and Analysis

On site and in laboratory Water analysis and Treatment

water treatment laboratoryThe water processes in power plants and industrial companies need chemical and biological treatment in order to safeguard the sites’ production efficiency and sustainability. As a result, they require constant expert support. Laborelec assists customers in the different water processes, from the production of demineralized water to wastewater treatment. Our interventions range from the design stage to troubleshooting.

Covering all aspects of your water processes

Laborelec is active in applied research and operational assistance for the water processes in all types of power plants (nuclear, coal-fired, combined cycle gas turbines, etc.) and industrial sectors (metallurgy, chemistry, etc.). Our expertise is focused on the following domains:

Expert support of water process installations

Laborelec helps customers increase the performance and availability of their equipment, while minimizing the costs and environmental impact of their operations. We provide expert assistance at every stage of a power plant’s or industrial installation’s life cycle:

Water analysis: on site and in laboratorylegionella pneumophila

Our experts use a wide variety of tools and equipment to carry out diagnoses and provide the best possible advice:

Water/Steam Analysis Related subjects

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