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Pathogens Control Management

The invisible threat in Industrial cooling water systems and large air conditioning systems

legionella pneumophilaIndustrial cooling water systems and large air conditioning systems are common sources for the presence of pathogenic organisms like Legionella and Naegleria. Both are thermophilic organisms and prefer water at temperatures between 25° C and 60°C. Both pathogens can be found in warm bodies of fresh water, such as ponds, lakes and rivers. They are also found in soil and sludge, near warm water discharges of industrial plants, and in stagnant ponds. Humans can be infected by these organisms via inhalation of aerosols containing the pathogens, and for Naegleria also by penetration of infected water under pressure through the nose.

Prevention of Legionella and Naegleria in water systems

Preventing and controlling the growth of Legionella and Naegleria in water bodies must be done by:

Within Laborelec many years of experience is gathered in all these areas.

Pathogens Risk management:  Prevent the development of pathogens

Specialized pathogen laboratory

When the presence of pathogens is suspected or when the infection risk is high, water analysis must be carried out. Laborelec disposes of a fully equipped ultra modern laboratory for pathogen detection through different analyzing methods.

Analysis of Naegleria fowleri

• Culture
• ELISA (Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay)
• PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction)

Legionella species and Legionella pneumophila

• Culture (in collaboration with or under subcontracting with an accredited laboratory)

Pathogen Analyses can be performed on water and sludge samples.

Using the PCR technology makes it able to detect the presence of the pathogens in water within 48 hours. This makes it possible to react faster on possible infections, reduce risks of a fast multiplication of the pathogens in the water.

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