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Rationalising water consumption   Rationalising water consumption 01 Laborelec

Cost-saving and environmentally friendly

Water is getting scarcer and more expensive

In an industrial process you require water at several points, such as cooling water, process water or rinsing water. However, pure water is becoming ever scarcer, and the government is attempting to discourage its use. It is imposing higher and higher taxes and, in some cases, has even forbidden the tapping of certain sources, such as well water. On top of this, heavier duties are being imposed on discharges of effluent.

Water Rationalisation pays

Through a combination of these factors it may be the case that your overall water costs are cascading out of control. There is an urgent need for measures to rationalise your water consumption and minimise the pollutants in your effluent, which can save a lot in the way of costs. But the water network in an industrialised environment has often evolved over time, with no clear plan, and so no-one has an overall picture of the separate flows.

There are solutionsRationalising water consumption 03 Laborelec

Can it be done with less water? If yes, then how? And how do we reduce the pollutants in our effluent? Can you use less pure water, such as surface water, instead of drawing on municipal water supplies? What you need is a water specialist for a full and expert answer to these questions, such as the water experts at Laborelec.

A total approach with guarantees

 You can work with us in a modular approach, by choosing services “à la carte”. You can also opt for a total approach, from audit to installation, thereby benefiting from advantages of scale and our obligation to produce results, which serves as your guarantee of success. Our total approach includes the following services.

Expert preliminary water study

Our water specialist will assist you in assessing your current water consumption and the effluent you produce. On the basis of his recommendations you decide the extent of your rationalisation programme.

Detailed water mapRationalising water consumption 02 Laborelec

Together with your representative we will collect all the information we can about the water flows on site. We will then draw a detailed map of all inflows and outflows of water. Even as early as this stage we often manage to identify a number of possible simplifications.

Calculation of solutions

The data we collected are then processed in a powerful calculation module, which generates tens of improved routes, all of which are theoretically possible.

Technical feasibility

Our specialist, who has years of experience in water management, runs through the list of computer-generated solutions, selecting the options that are technically feasible.

You decideRationalising water consumption 04 Laborelec

Together, we look at what you hope to achieve with the measures you put in place. Do you aim to take full advantage of every opportunity and rationalise your water management to the full? Or are you more concerned with short-term criteria of an economic nature?

Guarantees before you invest

Before you make the final decision to invest, we check whether these expectations can be met. We can set up a test installation beside your existing plant. You can evaluate the choosen solution and we will continue to intervene until you are completely satisfied.

We will think along with you to find the best system of water management foryour company from the technical, economic and  ecological point of view.

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