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Water/Steam Cycle Remote data follow-up

Optimizing the long-term performance of water/steam cycle processes and equipment

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The water/steam cycle treatment and purity control processes require constant care, based on real-time analyzer data. But how can the quality of the process’s long-term care be ensured? Analyzing data provided over longer periods of time can reveal trends indicating potential future incidents or help identify opportunities for improving process and equipment efficiency. Laborelec collects and analyzes chemistry data remotely and delivers fact-based recommendations that help plants avoid chemistry incidents and incorporate international best practices.

Empowering local operators to integrate best practices

The follow-up of chemistry data and regular reporting result in numerous benefits for the plant:

> Reducing operation and maintenance costs

By remotely monitoring water/steam cycle data, we help prevent major chemistry-related incidents. Based on the return on experience within the GDF SUEZ Group, our service helps save around 250,000 euros over ten years by reducing the risk of incidents.

> Optimizing process and equipment efficiency

Based on our experience, we are able to compare process and equipment performance to in-house and international best practices and identify opportunities for improvement. For example, we help fine-tune the injection control and optimize pH meter performance.

> Improving reliability and availability

By checking data on a regular basis, we can identify even the slightest abnormalities and suggest the appropriate corrective actions to take in order to avoid damage. We also make sure that chemistry parameters remain under control in the case of changes in operational mode, such as cycling.

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Laborelec is active in every step of the water/steam cycle value chain. This leaflet focuses on our activities during the operating phase, more specifically the follow-up of data.

Water/steam cycle treatment: International references

> Improving chemistry maturity in Spain. The remote monitoring of chemistry data started after the initial and follow-up audits that Laborelec conducted throughout 2008 and brought visible improvements to chemistry-related activities.

> Monitoring data in in Italy. Laborelec’s remote monitoring helps keep track of chemistry-related activities in the absence of a chemist dedicated to each plant.

> Monitoring of the cycle chemistry after modifying the treatment in the Middle East. Through a continuing series of recommendations, cycle chemistry became stable and well within the targets in a matter of weeks

Water/steam cycle Remote data monitoring, from collecting data to prioritizing certain actions

Laborelec systematically verifies the proper functioning of chemistry analyzers, the treatment quality, and the level of purity by analyzing water/steam cycle data collected over longer periods of time. Our experts collaborate with local operators, from the definition of the range of data to reporting recommendations and the follow-up of the action plan implementation.

Audit phase for effective water analysis

A detailed description of the follow-up program—including the variety of data to monitor, the type of measurements to perform, the targets, and the alarm limits—is defined during the audit phase.

Efficient data collection of water/steam cycle processes and equipment

Laborelec remotely follows up operational and chemical analyzer data. Based on the connection with the plant’s Process Information (PI) system and additional data sharing systems, our tool collects real-time data from the plant’s water/steam cycle processes and equipment. If no PI system or other server connection is available, the data can also be provided manually via spreadsheet files.

Data processing and preliminary results

The collected data are processed by Laborelec’s analytical system, which is customized to each plant’s specificities. Our experts then conduct analyses, create graphs, detect potential analyzer abnormalities, among other things, and evaluate parameters such as the quality of chemical treatment and the level of purity. We also detect corrosion issues, which can have a significant impact on the plant’s availability if they are not identified in a timely fashion. Targets defined during the audit phase can be adapted or added if needed. This happens, for instance, when unexpected external events during follow-up affect plant chemistry or in the case of a new international return on experience.

Providing recommendations

The results of our analyses are then summarized in a clear, concise report, which contains a concrete action plan for short and long-term technical improvements. Monthly reporting provides an overview of selected key performance indicators (KPIs). In addition, yearly reports provide more detailed information on and insights into trends concerning plant operations.

Following up on the action plan implementation

Laborelec follows up on the implementation of the action plan. Each year, our chemists come on site to evaluate the progress and discuss incidents that might have occurred throughout the year.

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