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Wireless Tank level monitoring

Reliably measuring the contents of a fuel oil tank has been, until now, a complicated business. Thanks to the Internet of Things, and TankU™ in particular, measurement is now precise, with no need for manual intervention, and can be carried out as often as required.


“Thanks to this automated measurement system, oil level monitoring is much easier and we can react faster. Our technicians no longer have to lift heavy tank covers to carry out measurements, and they don’t come into contact with the fuel oil. With this system in place, they can fully focus on other important tasks. ”

Hans Verlinde, Area Manager at ENGIE Cofely.

From tank to screen instantly TankU™ measures levels twice-daily, for immediate display on any PC screen or smartphone. An alert is issued when the minimum level is reached.

Wireless Tank level monitoring Wireless Tank level monitoring




Reduced operating costs

TankU™ removes the need to read tank levels manually on-site, and eliminates the risk of costly process disruption due to fuel shortage.

Lower health & safety risks

Personnel are not required physically measure oil tank levels on-site, and are therefore no longer exposed to toxic fumes.

Easy to install and to integrate

TankU™ is delivered ready for use, and is easy to install and to integrate into the API system by your own staff. If you prefer to use a third party, Laborelec can provide a list of installers.

Effective notifications

The system sends alerts when an oil tank level reaches a predefined limit. These can be in the form of e-mail, SMS or smartphone push notifications.

Automated reporting

Accurate daily consumption reporting is available through our ServiceHub application