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Energy storage and battery technologies are going through a very rapid evolution, so staying up-to-date on this vital hot topic is essential. Our prime position as a competence center in this fast-moving area of expertise means that stakeholders are turning to us for advice. 

ENGIE Laborelec is offering two separate cutting-edge training courses to answer your questions on batteries and energy storage:

  • A two-day training course: Batteries for energy storage: overview, technologies, performance, safety, and cost.
  • A half-day focus on Safe handling of batteries.

Batteries for energy storage: overview, technologies, performance, safety and cost

The two days of training will provide an overview of the different battery technologies and the main challenge of assuring good performance and, at the same time, an energy storage system that is safe.

The technical and operational integration challenges of energy storage systems will be discussed, with a focus principally on lead-acid and lithium-ion batteries. The seminar will discuss cell chemistries and their impact on performance, cost, and safety. The potential hazards will be explained, along with installation solutions to manage this risk, ranging from cell chemistry to packaging and container integration.

A visit to the ENGIE Laborelec Batteries Lab control room is also planned.


Safe handling of batteries

This half-day training session provides an overview of lead-acid, and lithium-ion batteries and explains the main hazards that can be encountered, such as thermal runaway, explosive gas emission, toxic gas emission and fire.

It covers typical issues that could lead to a problematic event and the solutions that can be applied to prevent such occurrences, illustrated by examples and experience.

Intervention rules and organisational measures that can be put in place to limit the risk during operation and maintenance are reviewed.

A visit to the ENGIE Laborelec Batteries Lab control room is also planned.

Target audience

Technical and project managers, plant operation & maintenance personnel. 


2-3 April 2019

ENGIE Laborelec
Linkebeek, Belgium

Duration: 2 days
Registration fee: €1450


Target audience

Plant operation & maintenance and other technically-skilled personnel, health & safety advisors.


4 April 2019

ENGIE Laborelec
Linkebeek, Belgium

Duration: half day
Registration fee: €600


The trainers

Elise Nanini-Maury has been an expert in electrochemistry at ENGIE Laborelec since 2014. She currently manages technical projects in a number of areas, including energy storage in electrochemical systems such as batteries and battery safety. Elise is also responsible for collaborative projects related to energy storage interfacing with research centres and universities.

Héloïse Gennart has worked for more than 10 years in risk management, more specifically on the explosion risk. She is experienced in risk analysis, has prepared Explosion Protection Documents, and has carried out safety audits on existing installations. For several years, as part of ATEX studies, Héloïse has audited and adapted working procedures for lead-acid battery installations. Her expertise has extended to lithium-ion batteries and developing safety guidelines for energy storage systems.

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