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The course provides an introduction to the theory and practice of vibration analysis in large rotating machinery. All the theoretical aspects will be demonstrated and explained through real case studies from extensive experience in vibration monitoring for a wide range of machine types from all over the world.


Day 1: Tuesday 20 November 2018


  • Basic elements of vibration analysis theory:
  • Harmonic vibrations
  • Spectral analysis
  • Resonance
  • Stiffness and damping
  • Introduction to the major rotor elements, and dynamic behaviour of a shaft line (rotor, fluid film bearings, foundation, etc.).
  • Typical measurement techniques for vibration monitoring.
  • Relevant standards for the evaluation of vibration amplitudes (ISO 20816).
  • Rotor balancing.
  • Shaft crack.
  • Effect of alignment on vibrations
  • Structural resonance.

17:30 – Close

19:00 – Evening activities including dinner

Day 2: Wednesday 21 November 2018

Typical signature of vibration problems associated with turbomachines, explanations based on real-world case studies:

  • Rub (newkirk, intermittent rub, etc.).
  • Thermal imbalance of the shaft.
  • Shaft eccentricity.
  • Blade loss.
  • Asynchronous vibration due to instabilities in the oil film.
  • Steam whirl.
  • Humming.
  • Shaft crack.
  • Effect of alignment on vibrations
  • Structural resonance.

17:30 – Close

19:00 – Evening activities including dinner

Target Audience

  • Plant operation and maintenance personnel.
  • Technically-skilled personnel who would like to acquire a background in the purpose and benefits of vibration analysis in machinery with fluid film bearings

Bring your own cases

You are most welcome to bring cases and experience for discussion during the training course. Our experts will offer their opinions, and you’ll also benefit from hearing from peers in other companies who may have had the same experiences.

Register for the Vibrations Analysis training course

20-21 November 2018, Brussels, BE

ENGIE Laborelec – Rodestraat 125 – 1630 Linkebeek – Belgium

1200 € per participant. The fee includes training materials, lunches, coffee and refreshments.

Is this training course for you?

Participants will learn how vibration monitoring improves machinery operation, and consequently how to plan effective maintenance.

Learn how vibration monitoring can help you understand what is happening inside your equipment.

Meet peers from other companies.

Benefit from other people’s experience of condition monitoring and vibrations analysis.

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With a major focus on high value delivery for our customers, ENGIE Laborelec combines:

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