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Laborelec Training Courses

Upgrade yourself with skills for the future

Over the years, Laborelec has built strong and unique expertise in various aspects of energy technology. With our 240 specialist experts and the experience that comes from more than 50 years working with customers and partners, we are pleased to be able to pass on our knowledge and skills in a new range of training courses. Subjects include Power transformers - Rotating machines – Lighting technology - ...

We want to share this expertise by offering:

  • Practical training sessions
  • On site or at Laborelec
  • Tailored to meet the exact needs of our customers
  • Given in English, French or Dutch
  • Often organised on request of the customer



Subjects include 3D Printing – Renewable energy – Industrial cyber security – Power transformers – Rotating machines – Lighting technology – Electrical influence – Corrosion protection – Explosive atmosphere (ATEX) – Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) – Automation/Process Control – Combustion – Water chemistry – Welding technology – Non–destructive testing – Root cause analysis – Materials technology – Vibration – Monitoring – Performance – Energy efficiency

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