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This course provides an overview of possible technologies
used for battery systems. Return of experience will be used
to explain the potential hazards of each battery technology.
Then, best practices to limit the risks and work safely will be
developed. A visit of the control room of ENGIE Batteries
Lab will be done to illustrate how the solutions proposed by
suppliers are evaluated. This is to complete the explanation
done on the consequences of battery choice (performance,
implementation, health and safety …).

Battery Training Level 1: Safe handling of batteries

• Battery: How does it work?
• Overview of different types of batteries
– Focus on lead-acid and lithium ion
• Potential hazards during installation and maintenance
– Short circuits, electrical arc, etc.
• Potential hazards during operation and storage
– Thermal runaway, explosive gas emission,
toxic gas emission, fire, etc.
• Intervention rules
• Visit of the control room of ENGIE Batteries Lab

Battery Training Target audience

• Plant operation and maintenance personnel
– Goal: increase knowledge to better work with batteries
• Health and safety advisor
– Goal: increase knowledge to better supervise works with batteries
• Technically-skilled personnel
– Goal: acquire a background in batteries safety